Oh hello there, I’m Aminah.

Thanks for stopping by my site. I hope you love what you see so far. I supposed you’re wondering a bit about me, my photography style, and how shoots work. Allow me to elaborate on what I think is the most boring topic—me.

I am, will, and always will be a photographer. I think that I’ll never be able to escape it since my dad and uncle used to be professional photographers and camera talk is as natural as talking about the weather in our family.

My husband has told me I view the world differently. He’s started budgeting extra time on walks, and specifically planned vacation itineraries to accommodate me stopping to look at light or composition. He’s also become pretty handy at holding lenses and standing in as my test model.

I love natural light and therefore try to shoot all my sessions as near close to golden hour as possible. (That’s about an hour or two before sunset.) That means I’m obsessed with the weather channel’s hourly forecasts and have made Twitter-friends with CTV weatherman, Josh Classen. Sometimes our shoots may have to be postponed but only because I’m looking for the perfect weather and perfect light for you. This is Edmonton after all; it’s not unlikely that there’d be a snowstorm and +25 all in the same day. Am I right!

Oh right, I was supposed to be talking about me. I’d much rather talk about you. That’s what I’m good at. I’ve shot news and editorial photography and have worked as a reporter so I really like to get to the bottom of who you are and what’s your story. I ask a lot of questions so be prepared. For that reason, all sessions begin with a coffee chat. We sit down and you tell me about you, we drink a little Starbucks, and life is good. I then try to weave your story into our photo session. Maybe that’s through a specific location or maybe we pick an activity that you love to do on weekends, either way your photos will tend to be a bit more natural than posed.

If all this sounds cool with you, give me a shout.


Ps. If you’re a dog person, we will probably spend half the shoot talking about how awesome dogs are. My two puppers are Marty Reasoner and Lacey Bear. Yes, they have people names and you’ll probably see them pop up here and there throughout this site.